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Our history dates back to 2010 when we first started dealing with 3D printing, or additive manufacturing technologies. Over a period of intense activity in the development and production of 3D printers, we have collected very valuable experience, which we are able now pass on to our customers in the form of machines with high added value.

Our mission:

The main mission is technological advancement. We place high demands on the user added value and user experience.

For 3Dchilli is characteristic continuous development and improvement of products and services provided. Innovativeness and creativity is the cornerstone of our existence.



3D printer Jalokia, works on the principle of FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication), this applying very thin layers of molten plastic. It is a very economical solution for creating a real 3D objects from computer data. Input format data for 3D printing is STL.Jalokia is a technological leader in its class. It is equipped with a 4 core 1GHz processor, connectable via WiFi, and offers a range of user-friendly features such as automatic leveling of printing bed.Thanks to two nozzles you can print multiple materials and achieve higher quality of printed object. Thanks to properties of the printed model which approaches the actual product, and due to the low price of feed material is a 3D printer Jalokia an ideal wherever there is a need to print more frequently and models. 4.3 "touchscreen display enables convenient control of 3D printers.


Jalokia 3D printer can be connected via WiFi or Ethernet.


You can also load data from a USB drive.


Jalokia is equipped with a system for automatic correction of inequalities print area.


Double extruder allows printing of several materials.


Printable area of ​​A4 size provides enough space for your creativity.


Heated print bed allows the use of a wider range of materials.

Printing material

With 3D chilli printers is possible to use different kind of material. ABS, PLA, HIPS, ASA, PVA and other. 3Dchilli is an open system, which allow to you clasify your owen materials.
Snap 2014-08-07 at 23.43.39
3D chilli is supplier of quality ABS, PLA HIPS and others.


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